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04/10/2002 : Open-Beta, 01/13/2003 : Commercial Service
In the year of 1590..

The Tension was prevalent in Northeast Asia. Toyotomi Hideyosi of Japan, who had won the long-lasted internal war, was planning to expand abroad while Ming (China) was weakened by a long confrontation with Yeojin.

Chosun, engaging in literary indulgences to the neglect of military arts
because of a long peaceful period, did not grasp the situation in Northeast Asia very well.

The age of political and military disorder, but it also meant a great chance for merchants to pursue their ambitious dreams.

Merchants of Chosun, Japan and Ming, Taiwan traveled enemy countries,
crossed deep seas and climbed rough mountains for the profit of themselves
and their countries. This adventure was a prelude for eager merchants to
become the Gersang, the merchant’s dream.